Eight year old hoax makes a comeback

First posted online in the last of 2013, it was claimed these photos were taken on July 4th at Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri (Near Branson) and no further information was ever released with it outside of the initial claim. Upon close examination, this is someone in an ape costume, you can tell because of how the fake fur hangs off the body and legs. So it's a hoax, plain and simple.






The Paul Freeman Footage

The Paul Freeman Footage

You be the judge for yourself, actual Bigfoot or man in a suit???


Memorial Day Audio from the Valley

With Memorial Day Weekend nearly upon us, the MABRC is gearing up for the annual Memorial Day Expedition that the group goes on, and this year will be taking us back into an area where some great audio was obtained.  Check out several audio clips at the end of this article.

The last night of the expedition, the MABRC loaded up on 4 wheelers and a UTV to travel to an area known as The Settlement, a place that small cabins had stood since the early 1900s, and had been used as a deer camp at one time.  As the team sat discussing Bigfoot related information, a vocalization was heard from the woods back behind them, as one of our researchers was good at vocalizing, he responded.  What happened next was a series of calling back and forth between Bigfoot and the researcher.

It continued for close to five minutes, as the team tried to located the creator of the vocalizations with a small thermal that could only reach out for several hundred feet with any clarity.  When it finally ended, it was concluded that the Bigfoot had realized it wasn’t another Bigfoot that was answering him and had moved off.  This left the team to sit without any more vocalizations occurring even though movement in the creek to their immediate front right indicated the Bigfoot was moving towards the creek crossing perhaps to cut off the team from getting back to the camp.

Deciding to head back, the team was traveling along the trail when the lead vehicle spotted something large and white cut across the trail, from the left to the right of the researchers, as the lead researcher jumped off to head into the woods after the white creature and the direction if had traveled in.  At first the researcher had thought it might be a large white dog, until he watched the eyeshine in the woods from another researcher’s spotlight, and the creature stood up and then back down, it was the white Bigfoot, and it circled around and jumped across the trail behind the last UTV of the team, in which a researcher sitting in back of it, was able to see the white Bigfoot leap across the trail in one stretch. 

That audio is also posted on the Bigfoot Field Guide website for everyone to listen to.  This shook the team up, as most Bigfoot will head directly away from humans to get away, yet the white Bigfoot had circled around and came back across the trail.  After discussing the event, it was strongly suspected that the white Bigfoot was causing a distraction for possibly more of the Bigfoot clan that was on the left side of the trail.

Important lesson learned here is that while the action may be happening in one direction, make sure to pay some attention to the surroundings around you elsewhere.

This weekend is the Strawberry Festival, please be safe and take your precautions against covid, once the parade is over, the MABRC researchers are heading for the woods.


Audio exchange at the Settlement

Audio from the sighting