Bigfoot-Human Size Comparison

Just a size comparison based on height, Pete Travers is the artist who did the Bigfoot and Human sketches.


AI Created Bigfoot Graphics

Folks, please do not be fooled by people posting the screen captures off this video, it was initially released on TikTok several months ago, and is clearly done by an AI App, you can even see the app's watermark on the photos as it rotates through them on the video. THIS IS NOT REAL PHOTOGRAPHS, ITS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPS CREATING THESE.




Oklahoma forensic artist helps bring Bigfoot to life

MABRC Oklahoma State Director Jim "Biggjimm" Whitehead sketches the sighting/encounter that MABRC Executive Director D.W. "Darkwing" Lee had near Nicut, Oklahoma a number of years back.

 Here are pictures of the ATV brush guard that the welds were broken by being picked up, with one picture showing the fingerprints left on the bumper.